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Khamis, 24 Mac 2011

Mak & Abah di Langkawi-Malaysia


Langkawi, a cluster of 99 islands separated from mainland Malaysia by the [[Straits of Malacca]], is a district of the state of Kedah in [[Northern Malaysia]] and lies approximately 51 km west of Kedah. The total land mass of the islands is 47,848 [[hectares]], while the main island of Langkawi itself has a total of 32,000 hectares. The main island spans about 25 km from north to south and slightly more for east and west. The coastal areas consist of flat, [[alluvial plains]] punctuated with [[limestone]] [[ridges]]. Two-thirds of the island is dominated by forest-covered mountains, hills and natural vegetation.

The island's oldest geological formation, [[Gunung Matchincang]], was the first part of [[South-East Asia]] to rise from the [[seabed]] in the [[Cambrian]] period more than half a billion years ago. The oldest part of the formation is observable at [[Teluk Datai]] to the north-west of the [[island]], where the exposed outcrop consists of mainly [[sandstone]] (quartzite) in the upper parts and [[shale]] and [[mudstone]] in the lower parts of the sequence.

===Climate and Weather===

A sunny, hot and humid, tropical climate with an average annual temperature of about 32 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is during August/September, although there are occasional showers throughout the year. {{Citation needed|date=April 2011}}